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pastries, bagels, whole grain toast, muffins served with jams, butters, and flavored cream cheeses + seasonal fruit platter + yogurt and granola

$16 per person (min. 10 people)

Add avocado, hard boiled eggs and everything seasoning
+ $4 per person
Add Coffee, Sugars & Creamers + Individual Bottles of OJ
+ $6 per person


Breakfast for a Group

Scrambled Eggs, roasted potatoes, smoked bacon, chicken sausage, fresh fruit platter served buffet style or plated

$22 (min. 10 people)

Breakfast Boxes

choice of breakfast sandwich, whole fresh fruit, yogurt, bagel + egg, cheese, sausage, steak, or bacon

$14 per person (min. 20 people per order)

upgrade to breakfast burritos for + $2


Fruit & Yogurt Platter

fresh fruit and berries with yogurt dipping sauce

$85 (serves 8-10 people)

Smoked Salmon Platter

1 side of smoked salmon, minced red onion, capers, egg whites & yolks, cream cheese, toasted bagel halves

$120 (serves 8-10 people)


Menu items + Prices are subject to change based on availability. Sales tax not included.

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