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Choose 3 selections, $12 per person, choose 4 selections, $15 per person,
one piece of each selection per person, up to one hour of service.

(Requires at least 48-hour's notice/minimum order of 20 people)

  • Pulled harissa chicken/savory pastry shell

  • ZZ special prime BBQ meatballs

  • Charcuterie skewer/aged hams & salamis with mozzarella & smoked provolone, gherkins, grainy mustard

  • Truffle rubbed beef tenderloin crostini, pesto aioli

  • Mini corned beef Rueben on with aged swiss mini onion roll

  • Roasted vegetable ratatouille spinach phyllo

  • Salt and pepper tots (2 per order) with truffled ketchup

  • Caramelized shitake mushroom tarts with herbed goat cheese

  • Mini peppered red skin potatoes stuffed with herbed boursin cheese

  • Pesto marinated heirloom cherry tomato + fresh mozzarella brochettes

  • English cucumber stuffed with lump crab salad

  • Smoked salt and pepper seared ahi tuna skewers with ponzu and pickled ginger

  • Pastrami crusted smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche on grilled crostini

  • Mini crab cakes with whole grain mustard aioli

  • Perfectly poached shrimp with ZZ cocktail sauce and zest



Charcuterie Board

Authentic selection of cured meats and salamis paired with artisan domestic and imported cheeses, marinated olives and artichokes along with ‘everything’ flat bread crackers and bread sticks

  • SMALL (serves 6-8 people) - $85

  • LARGE (serves 12-16 people) - $175

Grilled Vegetable Tray

Roasted and grilled to sweet perfection; served with ZZ’s own house steak sauce and our roasted garlic dip (includes; roasted young carrots, bell peppers, asparagus, zucchini, summer squash, red onion, balsamic domestic mushrooms)

  • SMALL (serves 6-8 people) - $60

  • LARGE (serves 12-16 people) - $115

Mediterranean Platter

House-marinated & grilled chicken breast, classic hummus, greek olives, falafel, artichokes, roasted red peppers, chick peas, pita and, of course, garlic sauce 

  • SMALL (serves 6-8 people) - $60

  • LARGE (serves 12-16 people) - $115

Classic Poached Shrimp

Jumbo peeled shrimp cooked and chilled, served with zesty cocktail sauce and fresh lemon wedges

  • SMALL (serves 6-8 people)         $85

  • LARGE (serves 10-12 people)     $175

Meatball ExtravaganZZa Platter

All-beef meatballs tossed in housemade marinara, sweet & sour, BBQ sauce and buffalo sauce served with skewers for easy eating (approx 4 meatballs per person)

  • SMALL (serves 6-8 people)         $45

  • LARGE (serves 10-12 people)     $85

Menu items + Prices are subject to change based on availability. Sales tax not included.

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